Frequently Asked Questions

Lot of users asked daily similar questions. We decided to Answer them before they attemp to ask. These are the common questions user asked

What do we do?

Our platform allows you to share photos and creative graphics, connecting with a community of talented designers.

How do we protect your information?

All provided delicate/credit data is sent through Stripe.
After an exchange, your private data (credit cards, social security numbers, financials, and so on) won't be put away on our workers.

Do we disclose any information to outside parties?

We don't sell, exchange, or in any case move to outside gatherings by and by recognizable data. This does exclude confided in outsiders who help us in working our site, leading our business, or adjusting you, since those gatherings consent to keep this data private. We may likewise deliver your data when we accept discharge is suitable to follow the law, implement our site strategies, or ensure our own or others' rights, property, or wellbeing.

Is Creativeezy for free?

If you download our Free images as a Free user, remember that you need to credit the author by including the attribution line “Designed by Creativeezy”, in a clear and visible way, somewhere on the printed product or the digital image you create, and a link to www.creativeezy.com placed on the website where you use Creativeezy images. This link can be added next to the image or, if this is not possible, in the footer of the website.


You can read our article about attribution to learn more about it.


Creativeezy also offers Premium creative graphics, which are available only to users with an active subscription. To have access to these images, a subscription must be purchased.

Download limit: How many graphics can I download?

There is a different download limits for the different Creativeezy users:


Non-registered user:

  • A user who is not registered at Creativeezy.com has a limit of 2 downloads per day.

If you want to extend this limit, you need to register or purchase one of our subscriptions.

Registered free user:

As a registered free user, you have a limit of 5 downloads per day.

If you want to extend this limit, you need to purchase one of our subscriptions.

Subscribed user:

As a subscribed user, you have a limit of 100 downloads per day.

We want to allow our users to download a high number of resources. However, to avoid an irresponsible use of our assets, we have established this limit.

If you download the same file more than once in the same day, it will count as just one download. So for example, if you download the same file 3 times today, you will still have 99 downloads left for that day. Nevertheless, if you reach the 100 downloads limit, you won’t be able to download any more files, even if you have downloaded the same files earlier in the day.

If you download a file you have already downloaded on a previous day, it will count as a new download from the 100 enabled for the day.

How to Attribution: when and where?

If you think that the least you can do is thank the authors for the resources they’ve created, this is one way of doing it: you can include an attribution line, such as “Designed by Creativeezy” on the final product or design, whether it’s a digital or a physical product.


Below you can find some examples about how to add the attribution line:


Websites, blogs, e-books, newsletters

Usually, the best place to add the attribution line is next to the asset downloaded from Creativeezy and a link to our website (www.creativeezy.com). There are other alternatives, such as placing it in the footer of your website, blog or newsletter.


Here is an example:




The attribution must be always clear, visible and easy to find for your users or clients.


Social network profiles or posts

You may add the attribution line “Designed by Creativeezy” to the image or video you are using and/or include it in the description of your post, together with a link to www.Creativeezy.com


Printed products

For printed products such as posters, books, magazines, vinyls, flyers, and more, a good place to add the attribution line is next to the image you are using. If you realize that it is not possible, perhaps you might want to place it somewhere else on that printed product you are creating.




If you’re printing a book using a resource from Creativeezy on the cover and you realize that it is not possible to add the attribution line on the cover itself, try placing it on the credits page or including it in the bibliography.


Example: "Cover designed by Creativeezy"



When creating videos, you may include the attribution line in the video itself by adding it to the credits or at the end of the video. Another alternative is to add a link to our website in the description of your video if it’s available for watching on an online platform.


Mobile app/game

When using our resources for a mobile app or game, you may include the attribution line on the credits section and/or in the description on the app store or website where your app or game is available.


In case you want to use our products without adding the attribution line, you must acquire one of our Creativeezy subscriptions.

Can i use images for Personal use

If you want to use our resources for personal use (not for selling), you are allowed to use them as the main elements in your final design.
However, please note that the copyright of Creativeezy resources belongs to its author (Creativeezy), so you cannot register an image that includes any of our resources.
If you are a free user, even for personal use, you need to add the attribution to the product you create. You can find instructions on how to do this in our attribution article here.
As a subscribed member, you don't need to credit the author when using the resources, but make sure to download the licenses.
It's important to comply with the Terms of Use stated in the license document you receive as a free or subscribed user.
Remember, you are not allowed to commercialize, distribute the original or modified file to anyone, sublicense, resell, or rent any of Creativeezy resources.