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Terms of Use

This website is run by Creativeezy based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. These "Terms" control how users ("Users") can use https://www.creativeezy.com/ ("Website") and its services ("Services"), which include downloading and using certain content. By using the Website, Users agree to these Terms. If a User disagrees, they should not use the Website. The Company can change the Terms anytime, so Users should check regularly. Specific Services might have their own rules that Users need to accept. These rules will be on top of these Terms if there's a conflict. Users also need to follow the Privacy Policy for personal data.


1. Services Offered

The website provides users with visual content such as vectors, illustrations, photos, PSDs (Photoshop files), vector icons, videos (including audio), and related information.


The services offer three types of content:

"Creativeezy Own Content," owned by the company.

"Collaborators Content," owned by third parties but provided on the website.

"Sponsored Content," from third parties but not free. This type is clearly marked in search results.

"Creativeezy Content" includes Creativeezy Own Content and Collaborators Content, available for download on the website.


2. Authorized Use

Users can only use the Website and Services as outlined in the Terms and with good intentions. This means content accessed or downloaded should be genuinely interesting to the User. Any artificial boosting of downloads, clicks, or access, using tools like robots or spiders, is strictly banned. Violation of this leads to account cancellation and responsibility for damages.

Users promise not to misuse Services for fraud, negligence, or illegal activities. They won't harm the reputation or rights of the Website or others.

Interfering with the Website or Services, impersonating others, or causing damage is prohibited. Usage that disrupts, damages, or breaches security is not allowed. Unauthorized methods to access content or data are strictly forbidden.

Users must pay for Service costs and ensure their needs match the Services' features. They need the necessary equipment and software.

User rights are personal and can't be transferred to others without Company consent.

The Website may display ads, accepted by users, even if unrelated to content or Services.


3. Registration


To access certain Services, users need to sign up by creating a username, password, and account. They must provide a valid email for service-related notifications. For legal entities, the username should be their full name or corporate name, and the registering person must have authority to bind the entity.

Users must provide accurate, complete, and current registration info. They're responsible for updating it. False or outdated info may lead to account suspension.

User passwords should be kept confidential, not shared with others. Using others' accounts or allowing access isn't allowed.

Users are accountable for all actions through their account on any device. If they suspect unauthorized use, they should inform the Company.

If the Company believes a user violated these terms, it can suspend or terminate their account.

4. Content

The Services enable Users to search for and download content, including Creativeezy Content and Contributor Content, based on their preferences.

If Users have any questions about specific content, believe it infringes any rights, does not comply with the Terms, or find it inappropriate, they can contact the Company using the contact information provided in the Terms or follow the instructions on the Website for filing a copyright complaint.


4.1     Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content on the website comes from affiliated third-party websites. The Company displays links to these sites with the Sponsored Content. Sometimes, the link might appear within the Website's frame for a better user experience, but users can remove this frame.

The Company isn't the creator or owner of Sponsored Content. It doesn't choose, control, or guarantee the content's accuracy. The responsibility lies with the third parties providing the content on their websites.

Users can access third-party sponsored websites to download Sponsored Content under those sites' terms. The Company isn't involved in this relationship and doesn't take responsibility for User interactions with third parties.

The Company isn't liable for any issues arising from the User's interaction with third-party providers of Sponsored Content. User complaints about Sponsored Content should be directed to the relevant third parties through the linked website.


4.2     Creativeezy Own Content


Creativeezy Own Contents are subject to the conditions specified on the Website, which may include limitations on the number of downloads per day. Users are permitted to use Creativeezy Own Contents according to the terms outlined or referenced in these Terms, as applicable.


4.3     Collaborators Content

Collaborators Content is available on the Website under specific terms outlined there, including download limits. Users can utilize this content according to the terms mentioned in these Terms or as applicable.

When offering Collaborators Content, the Company acts as a middleman between the User and the collaborator. It provides Users access and subscriptions to Collaborators Content.

The Company takes reasonable steps to ensure the legality and quality of Collaborators Content. However, it can't oversee all Collaborators Content. Therefore, Users understand that the Company isn't responsible for assessing the originality, legality, or non-infringement of third-party rights of Collaborators Content. The Company doesn't guarantee or hold liability for such content, except when explicitly stated in applicable regulations.


5. Storage and Offer of Collaborator Content

The Company's role is to host Collaborator Content. It isn't obligated to edit, select, verify, or control Collaborator Content. The Company also doesn't endorse or necessarily agree with Collaborator Content. If users have concerns about Collaborator Content, like rights violations or not meeting these Terms, they can contact the Company using provided information.

Collaborators are entirely responsible for the content they provide to the Company for storage, publishing, and offering on the Website.


6. Liability


The User accepts that using the Website and its Services is at their own risk and responsibility. The Company isn't responsible for misuse or breaches of these Terms. The User is liable for any damages resulting from their misuse.

The Company doesn't guarantee the Website or Services' availability, reliability, quality, accuracy, or fitness for a specific purpose. The Company isn't responsible for damages caused by interruptions, technical issues, third-party actions, maintenance, and more, unless in cases of willful misconduct or where applicable law mandates.

The Company's liability is limited. Unless due to willful misconduct, and cases where law doesn't allow liability limitation, the Company isn't responsible for any damage resulting from using the Website and/or Services.

Regarding Sponsored Content, the Company provides links based on user preferences without taking responsibility for search results. Linked websites aren't endorsed unless specified by law.

For Collaborator Content, the Company acts as a storage and intermediation service, not responsible for the content except where specified by law.

The Company strives for accuracy in keywords, descriptions, and content identification. However, it doesn't guarantee accuracy and isn't liable for claims arising from inaccurate information or content identification.

Please note, these are simplified explanations and may not cover all legal nuances.


7. Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights related to the Website, Services, Creativeezy Content, including design, source code, and all content within them (like text, images, logos, trademarks, etc.) belong to the Company or are licensed by it.

Unless permitted by these Terms, actions like reproduction, distribution, creating derivative works, public communication, extraction, or any other use of the Website, Services, Creativeezy Content, or parts thereof are strictly prohibited.

Sponsored Content and Collaborator Content are protected by intellectual property rights and belong to their respective owners. For Sponsored Content, the User must follow the terms set by the third party providing it. The Company isn't the owner and can't grant licenses for Sponsored Content use.

If any content violates rights or Terms, users can report it to the Company.


8. License Agreement for Creativeezy Content

The Company grants the User authorization to download and use Creativeezy Content under certain terms. However, the Company and its licensors retain all rights over Creativeezy Content not explicitly granted in this license.

Subject to these Terms, the Company allows the User, non-transferably and within certain limits, to download, use, and modify Creativeezy Content on a device they own or control, and only for allowed purposes.

The User can use Creativeezy Content (including derivatives), wholly or in part, unmodified or modified, in combination with other content, as long as it:

Doesn't involve collective use.

Doesn't suggest an endorsement by the Company.

Isn't used in databases or stock products.

Isn't resold, transferred, or sublicensed.

Isn't used in items for resale where it's the main element.

Isn't used as a trademark implying product endorsement.

Isn't used for machine learning or AI intended to identify people.

Isn't used in defamatory, obscene, or illegal ways.

Isn't used to slander or vilify any person, group, etc.

When Creativeezy Content is marked for editorial use, it must be used accordingly. Using it commercially isn't allowed.

Using Creativeezy Content is free if credited to the Company. To use it without crediting, a Premium Subscription must be purchased.

Generally, the User can't authorize third parties to use Creativeezy Content. Exceptions apply if certain conditions are met, like professional instructions and limited use.

The User doesn't gain any rights from using Creativeezy Content, and can't distribute, resell, or rent it. User rights end if they breach Terms.

These are simplified explanations; refer to the original text for complete details.


9. Fonts License Agreement

The Company allows the User to download and use licensed typographic fonts ("Licensed Fonts") from the Website under certain conditions. All rights to the Licensed Fonts not explicitly given in these conditions are retained by the Company or its licensors.

The User is granted non-transferable, limited, revocable, non-exclusive, worldwide rights to download and use Licensed Fonts on a device they own or control, solely for authorized purposes.

The User can use Licensed Fonts to design documents, embed them for printing/viewing, and for web projects. Fonts must be subsets, and documents must secure embedded font data from misuse.

Certain parts of Licensed Fonts may contain open source software governed by their licenses.

The User must retain copyright notices as provided and not alter them.

Prohibited actions for Users include using Licensed Fonts in items for resale, single letters (e.g., stencils), distributing them in a way that limits future website visits or downloads, altering them, creating derivative works, disassembling or reverse engineering.

Please refer to the original text for full details, as this is a simplified explanation.


10. Conditions for the Premium Subscription

The "Premium Subscription Terms" govern the purchase of the Premium Subscription on the Website. By purchasing the Premium Subscription, the User agrees to these terms, which are in addition to the main Terms of Use.

These terms are available to the User before making the purchase and can be stored or saved.


The Premium Subscription Terms are available in English and Spanish. Users interested in purchasing a Premium Subscription should follow the instructions on the Website.

The Subscriptions available on the Website include information about price, conditions, and download limits. The Company can modify the Subscriptions, offer new Services, or discontinue existing ones. Subscriptions are personal and non-transferable.

The price, which may include Value Added Tax, can be modified by the Company. Users pay for the Premium Subscription in advance through payment methods like Paypal or credit/debit card. The Subscription activates upon payment.

Premium Subscriptions renew automatically unless the User cancels it before expiration. The Company will charge the renewal price via the initial payment method. Price changes for renewals require one-month notice.

Upon purchase, a confirmation screen will appear, and an email receipt will be sent. Invoices can be requested and downloaded 24 hours after payment.


Benefits of the Premium Subscription include:

Creativeezy Premium Subscription:

Use Creativeezy Content without crediting the Company/Website.

Access all available content on the Website.

Ad-free experience.

No restrictions on download limits, except anti-fraud or abuse measures.

Users can pause the Premium Subscription while active, with a maximum aggregate pause period. Pausing removes Premium Subscription benefits. Users can reactivate at any time.

Once the maximum pause time is exhausted, the Subscription automatically reactivates. Periods of pausing adjust the Subscription's validity and renewal.

As digital content, there's no cancellation right, but consumer guarantees may apply.


11. Changes and Closure of the Website

The Company has the right to modify the Website's content, Services, and conditions without responsibility towards the User. Services may be limited, modified, or discontinued. User accounts and information may also be deactivated or deleted. The Company will fulfil record-keeping obligations for certain transactions as per law or provide proportional refunds for active Subscriptions upon termination.


12. General and Contact Information

The use of the Website and Services, as well as the interpretation and application of these Terms, will be governed by Indian law. Disputes related to these Terms will be resolved in the Courts of Mumbai, Maharashtra, unless specific jurisdiction is mandated by applicable law. Parties waive other jurisdictions.

Invalid or unenforceable provisions will be substituted or omitted. Other provisions remain unaffected.

For queries or claims, contact the Company at https://creativeezy.com/ticket